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MUD, MUD, GLORIOUS MUD! The chorus from Flanders and Swann’s famous hippopotamus song* is a very apt title for our fifth FREE training webisode dedicated to the drilling mud circulating system!

Drilling mud, also known as drilling fluid is the unsung hero of the drilling process and is simply glorious in what it achieves, from lubricating the drill bit, cleaning the wellbore, maintaining hydrostatic pressure, transporting drill cuttings to the surface, sealing the permeable wall of the wellbore and aiding data logging, the mud is an essential component in well control and is at the heart of the circulating system.

Ian Cowieson, the Academy’s principal lecturer provides the commentary alongside sophisticated animation and onsite video to explain the journey the drilling mud takes, from mud pit to well bore, from drill head to the shale shakers then back to the mud pit where the density, viscosity and general condition of the mud is carefully monitored by the crew. On the journey each piece of specialised equipment and process is explained enabling you to have a greater understanding of this important process.

*Flanders and Swann were a British comedy duo active between 1956-1967 and were known for their comedic songs!


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